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Niner Noise

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN - AUGUST 27: Trae Waynes #26 of the Minnesota Vikings tackles Pierre Garcon #15 of the San Francisco 49ers during the second quarter in the preseason game on August 27, 2017 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Peter King calls 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo the NFL’s ‘most compelling story’ in 2018 by Peter Panacy
San Francisco 49ers: 3 most underrated players on the 2018 roster by Peter Panacy
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by Peter Panacy Follow @peterpanacy

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, the San Francisco 49ers are tied for the 15th most difficult regular-season schedule in 2018, with opponents posting a .500 record from their efforts a year ago.

Sure, last year’s records mean little in determining how teams fare the following season. But it’s pretty safe to say the Niners don’t face a massive obstacle course in an attempt to reach the playoffs in head coach Kyle Shanahan’s second year at the helm.

Determining whether or not a species is dominant or subordinate may also be important in applied conservation and management. Most of the world’s apex predators are hunted by humans, often for trophies ( Ordiz, Bischof Swenson, 2013 ), and whereas carnivores have evolved strategies to cope with interspecific competition, they are less prepared to withstand the intensity of modern human hunting ( Fake Best Deals Bardot Wrap Over Pencil Midi Dress Green City Goddess Tall Free Shipping Buy Authentic Outlet Store Locations YGrF3C
; Diana jumpsuit Stella McCartney 2018 Cheap Online Low Cost gJ3aErB
). Humans differ from other predators in that they disproportionately target other carnivores and adult animals, which constitute the reproductive capital of populations ( Darimont et al., 2015 ). In the case of subordinate species already under pressures of interspecific competition, human impacts may lead to unexpected population fluctuations or declines. For example, following the recovery of a tiger population in India, subordinate leopards shifted their diet, increased their conflicts with people through livestock depredation, and subsequently suffered rapid declines in their numbers ( Harihar, Pandav Goyal, 2011 ).

Pumas are a widespread, solitary felid heavily regulated through sport hunting to mitigate conflicts with livestock and people ( Saint Laurent Eyewear SL158 sunglasses Cheap Shop 100% Guaranteed Cheap Price Buy Cheap Best Seller ntHT3uw
; Buy Cheap Brand New Unisex Geometricprint silk pyjama set Prada Inexpensive Outlet Cheap Online Latest Collections Cheap Price 0ZIAh7mdAd
; Mattson, 2014 ). Across their range in North and South America, pumas overlap with six other apex predators (as defined by Wallach et al., 2015 ). Grizzly (or “brown”) bear ( Ursus arctos ) and gray wolf ( Canis lupus ) populations are currently expanding in North America and increasingly overlapping managed puma populations already under pressure from human harvest. If pumas are dominant over bears and wolves, the expansion of these potential competitors should not influence puma fitness or population dynamics significantly. But, if pumas are subordinate to one or both of these recovering species, conservation mangers may need to adjust human harvest to accommodate for the additional ecological stress of new competition. The first step, then, is to determine whether pumas are indeed a subordinate carnivore, and if so, ascertain to which apex carnivores they are subordinate.

In this paper, we had three objectives: First, we reviewed the published literature to gather empirical evidence for whether pumas are dominant, subordinate, or equal in their competitive interactions with the following apex predators: grizzly bear, American black bear ( Ursus americanus ), gray wolf, coyote, maned wolf ( Chrysocyon brachyurus ), and jaguar ( Panthera unca ). Following established theory, we predicted that size would determine competitive outcomes, and that social carnivores and larger carnivores would dominate pumas ( Donadio Buskirk, 2006 ; Outlet Online Womens Flint Stones Cardigan Taifun Outlet New Styles Cheap Lowest Price dk50rkE4
). Second, we gathered information on interactions with three ecologically-similar felid mesocarnivores (bobcat, Canada lynx, Lynx canadensi s, and ocelot, Leopardus pardalis ) with which the potential for competition with pumas over resources is also likely. Third, we assessed the extant spatial distribution of pumas, and quantified in what portion of their range they are the dominant predator versus a subordinate under other sympatric apex predators. Managers and scientists can then refer to this map as they consider hunting limits, conservation priorities, and research questions for the species.

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First, you need to have a development environment to be able to build pandas (see the docs on creating a development environment above ).

So how do you build the docs? Navigate to your local pandas/doc/ directory in the console and run:

Then you can find the HTML output in the folder pandas/doc/build/html/ .

The first time you build the docs, it will take quite a while because it has to run all the code examples and build all the generated docstring pages. In subsequent evocations, sphinx will try to only build the pages that have been modified.

If you want to do a full clean build, do:

You can tell to compile only a single section of the docs, greatly reducing the turn-around time for checking your changes.

For comparison, a full documentation build may take 15 minutes, but a single section may take 15 seconds. Subsequent builds, which only process portions you have changed, will be faster.

You can also specify to use multiple cores to speed up the documentation build:

Open the following file in a web browser to see the full documentation you just built:

And you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your new and improved documentation!

Building master branch documentation

When pull requests are merged into the branch, the main parts of the documentation are also built by Travis-CI. These docs are then hosted , see also the Discounts Cheap Online From China For Sale Open Back High Neck Culotte Jumpsuit Navy floral Missguided Cheap Sale Discounts Outlet Best Wholesale b5jShA

Code Base:

Writing good code is not just about what you write. It is also about how you write it. During Cheap Big Discount KNITWEAR Wrap cardigans Pour Moi Cheap From China shiYJp
testing, several tools will be run to check your code for stylistic errors. Generating any warnings will cause the test to fail. Thus, good style is a requirement for submitting code to pandas .

In addition, because a lot of people use our library, it is important that we do not make sudden changes to the code that could have the potential to break a lot of user code as a result, that is, we need it to be as backwards compatible as possible to avoid mass breakages.

Additional standards are outlined on the code style wiki page .

pandas uses the Google standard. Google provides an open source style checker called cpplint , but we use a fork of it that can be found . Here are some of the more common cpplint issues:

Continuous Integration will run the cpplint tool and report any stylistic errors in your code. Therefore, it is helpful before submitting code to run the check yourself:

The names and e-mail addresses of theUWCMembers can be found on the UWCwebsite .

Some examples of accommodations andinterim measures include providing an escort for the complainant; ensuring that the parties have no contact with one another; providing counseling or medical services; providing academic support, such as tutoring; and arranging for the complainant to re-take a course or withdraw from a class without penalty, including ensuring that any changes do not adversely affect the complainant’s academic record.

An individual may bring a formal complaint either without seeking an informal resolution or after attempting an informal resolution. To initiate a formal complaint, an individual must submit a written statement to theUWCChair [9] naming the respondent Dolce amp; Gabbana Woman Printed Silktwill Dress Black Size 36 Dolce amp; Gabbana Free Shipping Visit FMRZhnVVT
and describing the events and circumstances underlying the complaint in sufficient detail to allow theUWCto determine jurisdiction and to provide general notice to the respondent. [11] The complaint may be supplemented by additional supporting documents or evidence. TheUWCChair, in consultation with the Secretary and one otherUWCMember, will decide whether (i) the complainant and respondent meet the criteria set out in Section 1 above and (ii) the complaint, if substantiated, would constitute a violation of University policy concerning sexual misconduct. [12] TheUWCwill not hear formal complaints that do not meet these criteria. If a complaint is denied a hearing, theUWCChair will explain the denial in writing to the individual who filed the complaint.

If, in the course of adjudicating a formal complaint, additional complaints or allegations are brought forward to theUWCthat are associated with the circumstances of the original complaint, theUWCwill incorporate the claims into the proceeding if feasible unless theUWCdetermines that a claim is retaliatory or without basis. All such additional complaints must be raised before the fact-finding is concluded. TheUWCwill not entertain a new complaint if it has already adjudicated a formal complaint based on the same set of circumstances.

Actions that are the source of complaints to theUWCmay also violate criminal laws. TheUWCwill not delay its proceedings pending the outcome of a criminal investigation or other legal process. At the request of law enforcement authorities, theUWCmay postpone fact-finding while the authorities are gathering evidence, but fact-finding will resume as soon as the authorities have finished that work.

If the complaint will be heard, the Secretary will inform the respondent in writing that a formal complaint has been filed and will be heard by theUWC. The Secretary’s letter will include the complaint, any documents accompanying the complaint, and references to the applicable Yale policy on sexual misconduct, these procedures, and any other relevant Yale procedures. The letter will also set a deadline five days later by which the respondent may submit a written response to the Secretary. The response, like the complaint, may be supplemented by additional supporting documents or evidence. The Secretary will forward the response and any accompanying documents to the complainant. [13]

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